Chalk Painted Projects

These are some of the projects I have been painting with chalk paint, including this jewellery box which I have in an earlier Blog.

This Mirror I have had for a very long time. It was cream and gold and I wanted to give it a makeover with white and gold. Pushing the gold into the carved wood frame. and wiping with a damp cloth to give it look I wanted. Finishing with a clear wax.

I bought this glass Vase from an Op shop. I  knew it needed painting to bring out the texture of the grains that make it look like its wood. Firstly I painted a grey chalk paint with the white over top to create a weathered wood look. I sanded lightly to bring through the grey colour on the textured areas. The vase was then waxed to protect the paint and give it a smooth feel. I love the look of the texture it brings.

I found this shelf in the inorganic collection on the side of the road. It was pretty shabby! I saw the potential for it to be painted and sanded to give a shabby-chic look. Perfect for my candles and shells in the bathroom for my coastal beach style. 

These are my husbands little Drawers. They were stained very dark brown. They were lost on the desk being such a dark colour. I was on a mission to re-vamp them with my trusty white chalk paint! I sanded the edges to give a distressed and aged look, waxed and buffed to smooth and protect the new paint. Wow what a difference paint can do.

Ceramic drawers jewellery box. I bought these online for $50 for my daughters birthday present. She didn't want them when she moved into her first home. So she gave them back to me. They were a metallic silver and did not go with the ceramic drawers. They had been sitting there for so long until I realised they would look so much nicer if I painted them white. After three coats of Chalk paint and a wax they look heaps better, the white makes the little drawers pop! 

I was given this pine and glass coffee table from my old neighbour when he moved away. So with the homemade white chalk paint I give it a new lease of life. This is the after photo and I must say I was impressed with how it came out. The clear wax just finished it with a nice shine.  I sold this table as had no room for it.

Here is my painted rug blog. It was an ugly brown rug which did not go with my grey and white theme in the house. I saw a rug been up-cycled on a blog and decided to give it a try.  Just using painters tape and making my own chalk paint it was a breeze. The best result so far.

I got given these brown vases. They had a good shape but the colour was dark and they were looking tired and old. I almost got rid of them. But decided to try to paint them, with my favorite grey and white chalk paints. After I waxed them, it made them come up much better and buffed to a shine. 

I got this bowl for my 30th birthday..long time ago now. But it was painted yellow with the gold trim on the top. I liked the gold but not the yellow. So kept the gold trim and painted white chalk paint on the inside and grey chalk paint paint on the outside to give a contrast and it come out nicer than expected. I use it for some of my earrings. 

These Coasters were from a friend she bought them from South Africa after going home for a visit. They were really different, which I liked. But I wanted the natural Jute fibres to be the Aqua blue colours in my Coastal beach theme in my living room. I taped up the beads and mixed some colours up to make this aqua blue to go with the blue in the coasters. Turned out great. 

This is a piece of wood made into a note board which was left here at our house when we bought it. I decided to paint it and give it a bit of a distressed look. It is for people to write you notes if your not home to let you know they popped by. Too cute!

Here is a little stool which is very old. So to make it look newer I gave it the white chalk treatment to bring out the wood grains. 

Using an ugly terracotta pot I used grey chalk paint and dry brushed over the top with the white to finish it giving a soft dappled look.

Up-cycled Side Table

I was given this side table by my Aunty that her son (my cousin) made in school. She was doing a clean out. It was  perfect for a plant stand. So I set out to give it a face lift. 


I gave this little table a light sand and a wipe with a damp rag. The stain on this table was difficult to cover with paint as the undercoat came through the paint and it looked all yellow. So I painted with a grey chalk paint. It still managed to come through and painted it several times.

I used Rustoleum Satin white spray paint to prime and coat this table to give it a good coverage. Doing 3 light coats to completely cover the grey. Have not re-carpeted our house yet don't look at the floor.  Here it is with my maidenhair fern looks much better white. 

How to Stencil a Pillow

This is a quick and easy way to up-cycle a plain pillow cover. I love the beach blue colour and the shapes I created.  My daughter gave me this pillow that had a crocheted white panel on the front of it. It was cotton, so was very stretched. Not a good look. I cut it off and sewed around the edges to stop any fraying. I will use the lacy crocheted piece in another post.

Instead of taping the stencil down I used my glass of water to hold it in place. I put a thick piece of cardboard inside the cover to stop the paint going through to the back. Using a brush sponge, I sponged the fabric with blue fabric paint. I put the paint on a small plate and using small dabbing movements I sponged the paint over the stencil. Moving it round to the next section after the first one was done. Voila didn't take long. Left it to dry and now it looks like an expensive pillow. 

Stenciled Tray Tutorial

Up-cycling an old Tray

I found this old wooden tray at a local Op shop. Which I Bought for $5. It was in need of a paint, so decided to give it my magic touch and use my new stencils. I love to up-cycle and this was the perfect project.

I gave it a light sand. Then I used a primer/undercoat to seal the wood.  I sprayed the tray with a matt white paint to give it a good finish. Did two coats of matt white.

Next I masked the edges of the tray ready to paint the bottom. I painted two coats of light grey paint. With the help of my kitten Misty.

All done with the grey paint.. Just needed to let it dry and then remove the tape and paper from the edges. I made black chalk paint to apply the stencil as it is thicker than normal paint and worked a treat.

To use the stencil it was taped in place so it didn't  move while the paint is dabbed on with a brush sponge. I went onto the next stencil moving around and making sure the stencil did not touch the wet paint. This was a bit tricky but you can leave it to dry in between if you like. After all the paint was dried I gave the whole tray a wax and buffed it to give it a nice shine.


Subtropical Garden Makeover

This photo was before we even touched this area before any digging and planting started of the new garden.  It is a south east facing area on the back of the carport. It gets very hot in the summer but is quite shaded in the winter time.

After clearing away all the old bark, rocks and pond, we laid weed-mat down over the entire area and I painted the fence dark grey.

I designed this garden myself.  We used light grey pavers to curve around in a circle like a koru. Started planting subtropical trees, Nikau and Punga palms, Renga Lilies and grasses. I even planted a Banana tree and a passionfruit vine to grow along the fence.

Placing the rocks around to form the Koru took a long time. But definitely worth it. I used the rocks to build up the garden by the side of the house to plant a rockery with Hostas and ferns and succulents.

Finally laid bark around the inner circle and outer garden around the plants by wheelbarrow.  Then lastly shoveled the white lime chip around the pavers to complete the look. All our hard work paid off. Just loving the end result.

The Renga Lillies  are in flower its been over a year since we planted the garden. We had a few frosts last winter in which the Banana tree leaves all died off and here it is growing again.

This is a recent photo just planted a passion-fruit vine to grow along the fence to the left. (Not in the picture) The last one died in the frost. I will need to cover it for sure this winter. I tied these free ferns onto the fence.

How to paint a Rug

Up-cycling an old Rug

This rug was brown and ugly and in need of up-cycling.  I wanted to do grey and white and decided to go with stripes.

Painted primer on the Rug first to cover as a base coat.  I painted 3-4 coats of white chalk paint letting each coat dry in-between to cover the brown.

I used masking tape for the stripes making them even on the overall length, except the middle stripe had to be thinner. 

Then I painted the stripes with homemade grey chalk paint for a contrast doing two coats to cover the white. I used an old cutting in brush.

Here is the rug after it had dried and the tape was removed. I had to touch up on some of the grey that had gone under tape with white paint.  The rug matches the grey and white kitchen. Perfect match. Looks so different painted. Very easy to do.

Jewellery Box

How to Up-cycle a Jewellery Box

I was given this jewellery Box for my 18th birthday, by my Aunty in America when I was living there. I have had it all this time. It is dated and needed a fresh look. So I decided to upcycle it with homemade chalk paint.

I removed the doors and panel inserts in the doors. I used white chalk paint to update this old box. After painting 3 coats of paint I  sanded it back giving it a distressed look. Finishing off with a wax and buffing it to a nice shine. I used a plastic sheeting for the inserts in the doors. I loved doing this project it was fun and made such a dramatic change. Here is the after look.