About me 

Hi everyone, I'm Diane House and welcome to my website.  Am so glad you stopped by.  I am a Beauty and Massage Therapist and Interior Designer. I'm on a journey to make something old and renewing it.  If I am not renovating the house, I am up-cycling, DIY-ing, painting, gardening or sewing. I enjoy doing all things crafty and hands on!   I live on a lifestyle block with my Hubby, our 2 cats, 15 chickens, 1 bantam and a 3 Jersey cows.  I love to design, renovate, up-cycle, DIY, paint, sew, bake and garden. 

I have a passion for Interior design, health and making natural skin care products. I hope to bring you some inspiration to recreate, reinvent, repurpose, or refresh something in your home into something new. 


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