How to paint a Rug

Up-cycling an old Rug

This rug was brown and ugly and in need of up-cycling.  I wanted to do grey and white and decided to go with stripes.

Painted primer on the Rug first to cover as a base coat.  I painted 3-4 coats of white chalk paint letting each coat dry in-between to cover the brown.

I used masking tape for the stripes making them even on the overall length, except the middle stripe had to be thinner. 

Then I painted the stripes with homemade grey chalk paint for a contrast doing two coats to cover the white. I used an old cutting in brush.

Here is the rug after it had dried and the tape was removed. I had to touch up on some of the grey that had gone under tape with white paint.  The rug matches the grey and white kitchen. Perfect match. Looks so different painted. Very easy to do.